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Top 100 entries

Check out the top 100 images from the Underwater Festival 2013. These can be seen as "nominations" for the top photo prizes which will be announced SOON!.

We hope you can share this amazing gallery with as many people as you can.

Dancer in the dark
Dancer in the dark by YUPING CHEN
Got Your Back
Got Your Back by William Owyong
Backseat Driver
Backseat Driver by Tammy Gibbs
Pearls by Tammy Gibbs
The Vampire
The Vampire by Tammy Gibbs
Hawk Eye
Hawk Eye by William Owyong
Feeding Calf
Feeding Calf by Scott Portelli
Schooling Fish
Schooling Fish by Scott Portelli
New born
New born by Scott Portelli
curves by Scott Portelli
Intimate by Scott Portelli
Cowrie Love
Cowrie Love by KATE TINSON
Twins by Sue Myburgh
Nearly Time
Nearly Time by Sue Myburgh
Nudibranch by Trevor Howard
Translucent Nudie
Translucent Nudie by Yuri Verbaan
Attention Cuttle Fish
Attention Cuttle Fish by Yuri Verbaan
Porcelain Crab
Porcelain Crab by KIRSTY FAULKNER
Who are you?
Who are you? by YUPING CHEN
Stainless by Mark Gray
Grey Nurse
Grey Nurse by Mark Gray
Black, White, and Grey
Black, White, and Grey by Mark Gray
Grey Mare
Grey Mare by Mark Gray
Surviving the Wave
Surviving the Wave by Nick Thake
Seaplane by Erjin Bao
Enjoying in the Jellyfish Lake
Enjoying in the Jellyfish Lake by Erjin Bao
Commensural Shrimp on mating nudibranchs
Commensural Shrimp on mating nudibranchs by Maryann Evetts
On Guard
On Guard by Carlo Possagno
Baby asleep
Baby asleep by Carlo Possagno
Big Ray
Big Ray by Johnny Gaskell
Life in the Shallows
Life in the Shallows by Johnny Gaskell
Big Buddy
Big Buddy by Johnny Gaskell
Me & Loggy
Me & Loggy by Johnny Gaskell
Leopard Ray
Leopard Ray by Johnny Gaskell
Purple Flame
Purple Flame by George Borovskis
Yellow Shade of Grey
Yellow Shade of Grey by George Borovskis
New Born
New Born by tet Lara
Shark in shallows
Shark in shallows by tet Lara
Giant Jelly
Giant Jelly by Jon Faulkner
The Quick and The Not So Quick
The Quick and The Not So Quick by Kim Ainsworth
Glow Squid
Glow Squid by Jim Dodd
Humpback Whale Calf
Humpback Whale Calf by Sione Fifita
Tactile by brian heagney
Smile by brian heagney
Soft Corals
Soft Corals by Jan Anthony Acosta
A Tiny Glossodoris Nudi
A Tiny Glossodoris Nudi by Jan Anthony Acosta
Lettuce looking Nudi
Lettuce looking Nudi by Jan Anthony Acosta
Snug as a bug.
Snug as a bug. by brian heagney
"Close Encounters"
"Close Encounters" by Paul Rudder
"A L L U R E"
"A L L U R E" by Paul Rudder
"Dragon Night"
"Dragon Night" by Paul Rudder
"Pink Flames"
"Pink Flames" by Paul Rudder
Nurse by tet Lara
Synchronicity by Scott Portelli
Beams of light
Beams of light by Scott Portelli
The Blue Marlin
The Blue Marlin by Scott Portelli
Pointy encounter
Pointy encounter by Scott Portelli
Condemned to Motherhood
Condemned to Motherhood by Greet Meulepas
Life by vanessa Mignon
Devoted mother
Devoted mother by vanessa Mignon
White Feathers Blowing
White Feathers Blowing by Julie Ann Terrado-Acosta
Nudi Sun Salutation
Nudi Sun Salutation by Julie Ann Terrado-Acosta
Morning Feast
Morning Feast by Julie Ann Terrado-Acosta
Fangs and Sparkles
Fangs and Sparkles by Julie Ann Terrado-Acosta
Daily Dose
Daily Dose by Brad Pryde
The Kiss
Cling Fling
Cling Fling by Johanna Pool
Cuttlefish Camouflage
Cuttlefish Camouflage by Johanna Pool
The grass is always greener underwater
The grass is always greener underwater by Howard Womersley
Cruising cuttlefish
Cruising cuttlefish by Howard Womersley
In a octopus's garden
In a octopus's garden by Howard Womersley
Desert Oasis
Desert Oasis by Pamela Sutton
Hidden World
Hidden World by Pamela Sutton
Precocious predator
Precocious predator by Tanasit Tancharoen
Refuge or Refuse
Refuge or Refuse by Tammy Gibbs
Sponge and boat
Sponge and boat by Tammy Gibbs
Squid Freak-out
Squid Freak-out by Tammy Gibbs
Two Emperor Shrimp
Two Emperor Shrimp by Eleanor Hodgson
Twilight shenanigans
Twilight shenanigans by Eleanor Hodgson
Spine cheek and unwelcome visitor
Spine cheek and unwelcome visitor by Eleanor Hodgson
Exploration by Liz Rogers
"Blenny Silhouette"
"Blenny Silhouette" by Paul Rudder
"Gold Class"
"Gold Class" by Paul Rudder
"Sewing the Seeds"
"Sewing the Seeds" by Paul Rudder
"Pipe Dream"
"Pipe Dream" by Paul Rudder
Mandarin Sex
Mandarin Sex by Daniel Lloyd
Say Cheese
Say Cheese by Johnny Gaskell
Wobbegong by Johnny Gaskell
David and Goliath
David and Goliath by Roxanne Streatfeild
Full Flight
Full Flight by Gavin Ee
Crystal Rock
Crystal Rock by Gavin Ee
Gulp by brian heagney
Exult by brian heagney
Playful Calf
Playful Calf by vanessa Mignon
Synchronised swimming
Synchronised swimming by vanessa Mignon
Mother and calf 2
Mother and calf 2 by vanessa Mignon
Dependence by vanessa Mignon
The Coleman Twins
The Coleman Twins by Brad Pryde
Red by Brad Pryde