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Music for Underwater Festival Videos

In 2012 we had a series of issues with the use of music which led to the disqualification of a series of clips.

Kieren Curry, previous winner of many Underwater festival Video categories and current judge wrote a blog to discuss this.

For 2013 we are happy to present you with a number of tracks by Charles Thorley which you can use in your films by simply attributing Charles Thorley at some point of your video or at least in the description.

The tracks below are for the use in entries to the 2013 Underwater Festival only. Any other uses would need to be discussed with Charles Thorley.

Track #1 - Shark Around

Track #2 - Under the Sea

Track #3 - Relax Wet Frank

Track #4 - Reaktion

Track #5 - Quark

Track #6 - Fishboy

Track #7 - Dube Dub Loop (wav)

Track #8 - Creepy Coupe

Track #9 - Broken

Track #10 - Beauty Full

Track #11 - Arpeggio 1 90

Track #12 - Arpeggio 3 90

Track #13 - Arpeggio 4 90