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Official Fringe Events

2013 Underwater Festival Fringe Events are listed on this page - please check with your local operator if they are organising anything special. If not listed here, please let us know.

You can create your own Festival Fringe Event(s) on this page by filling out this simple form and be listed on this page if you are holding any event across September 13 that promotes the participation at the 2013 Underwater Festival. The festival organisers reserve the right to remove any events for any or no reason whatsoever.

If you are a dive operator, gear manufacturer or any other business that would like to be associated with the Undererwater Festival and would like to sponsor the 2013 or future Underwater Festivals, please get in touch.


Nelson Bay Digital Photography Course with Jim Dodd
From Aug. 31, 2013 to Sept. 1, 2013
Get ready for the Underwater Festival by joining Jim Dodd at Let's Go Adventures in Nelson Bay. Jim will help you to see the underwater world in a new way using your compact or DSLR camera. Get the most out of your camera underwater by learning how the available setting effect your images. Learn to compose the shot not just snap and hope for the best. Look at lighting considerations and options. Then there is basic editing tips to be able to correct colour balance and get the image looking sharp ready to print or share. All images taken on day 2 of the course will be eligible to be entered into the Underwater Festival. On 21 and 22 Sept we have the official Nelson Bay Underwater Festival Fringe Event where you can practice and get additional guidance from Jim and attend a talk by David Harasti "How to get the WoW factor in your images".
Tas Uni Dive Club Shootout
From Sept. 1, 2013 to Sept. 30, 2013
We are seeing if there are a group of keen TUDCers who want to participate and do a series of photographic dives throughout the month of September, both planned and impromptu, shore and boat. Cost to sign up to the underwater shootout is $50 (go here - and dives will be costed accordingly. We know that (besides EM) we are not the most fantastic photographers, so think of this more as an excuse to get a good group of peeps together to go diving for photo's, and hopefully learn a thing or two off each other along the way. If we get a reasonable amount of interest we will create a TUDC peoples choice prize so someone wins. If your interested, sign up, we will join forces and work out a dive schedule for the month.
Free Fluoro Night Dive - Perth
From Sept. 4, 2013 to Sept. 4, 2013
Fluoro-Diving – A Cool Way of Seeing Science – A unique Diving Dimension. Join us on an exploration of this cool form on diving during the Underwater Festival. Meet us at BHP Jetty on Wednesday 4 September @ 7pm. BHP Jetty is located at the end of Riseley Road, Kwinana and we’ll gear up in the carpark and show you how to use the gear you’ll be using. Gear is limited – so make sure you let us know you’ll be there by contacting us.
Sundive Byron Bay - Beginners Photography Workshop with Ross Gudgeon
From Sept. 7, 2013 to Sept. 8, 2013
Award winning underwater photographer Ross Gudgeon began diving and UW photography in 1979, and has been taking photos underwater ever since. When not diving there is nothing more he likes to do than pass on his 30+ years of underwater photography knowledge and experience to help others improve their underwater photography skills. The Beginner’s UW Photo Workshop is designed for those who are thinking about or have just started UW photography. The workshop will include: Selecting, assembling and maintaining an UW camera setup - Taking correctly exposed, sharp well composed UW photos - Ambient and strobe lighting - A Pool session and 2 Ocean dives to practice skills - Post processing. Hire cameras are available for those who want to try UW before they commit to spending money on purchasing an UW camera setup.
Christmas Island Photography Workshop with Gary Bell
From Sept. 7, 2013 to Sept. 8, 2013
Gary Bell is one of Australia’s most accomplished nature and wildlife photographers with International acclaim. An award winning photographer with more than 30 years experience behind the camera, Gary has been one of the esteemed judges in the Underwater Festival Event since 2011. Christmas Island Natural History Association is lucky enough to be hosting an UW photography workshop with Gary this September. Christmas Island boasts mountainous underwater drop-offs, numerous variety of tropical fish and visibility on average 30mtrs plus with water temperature's of 26-31 degrees. The workshop will be run over two days starting with the UW photographers toolkit, content and technique, practical field techniques, light and colour, creative photography and artistic design, a dive each day followed by an image review session. Our participants will be endeavouring to grab a place in the Underwater Festival 2013.
Perth Workshop: Basic Intro to Underwater Photography
From Sept. 7, 2013 to Sept. 7, 2013
WAUPS committee member Peter Nicholas will run this 3-hour workshop on the basics of underwater photography. He'll talk about exposure settings (iso, shutter speed, aperture), lighting, composition, etc. 1pm - 4pm - Presentation theatre, Perth Scuba, 180 Bannister Road Canning Vale, Perth.
Rapid Bay Trip
From Sept. 13, 2013 to Sept. 16, 2013
Join Warrnambool Sub Aqua Club diving at Rapid Bay and Second Valley in South Australia. Sally Watson Secretary 0419 593 914 at Everybody welcome to snap some awesome Festival entries!
Gold Coast - Sarah Shark Premiere
From Sept. 19, 2013 to Sept. 19, 2013
Ladies and Gentlemen, it is our greatest pleasure to announce that the Sarah Shark saga has reached its completion and Episodes 3 & 4 are to premiere on the 19th of September. Along with the films, Sarah Shark Director and Underwater Festival judge Kieren Curry will be giving an overview of the Underwater Festival 2013 and discussing tips and tricks for shooting and editing underwater footage.
Sundive Byron Bay - Post Processing Workshop with Ross Gudgeon
From Sept. 21, 2013 to Sept. 22, 2013
Post Processing Weekend at Sundive in Byron Bay with Ross Gudgeon's all day post processing course split into two and conducted on Saturday and Sunday Afternoon with two dives on the morning of each day. In addition to showing the techniques for bringing out the best in your UW photos using Lightroom and Photoshop, the course will also cover the selection and preparation of photos for competitions to maximise your chances of success.
Nelson Bay Underwater Festival Fringe Event
From Sept. 21, 2013 to Sept. 22, 2013
Diving in Port Stephens is famous for the breathtaking sponge gardens right off the beach in Nelson Bay, the resident Grey Nurse Sharks around Broughton Island and the Donut Nembrotha at Cabbagetree Island. Morning, afternoon and night dives will be available with a special talk by David Harasti "How to get the WoW factor in your images" on Sat afternoon. Join Let’s Go Adventures for diving, BBQ’s, learn how to take better photos and your chance to win. Please visit our event page for diving options and details (click title above). To book on to dives please email or call 02 4981-4331
Perth - Gear Trial Day
From Sept. 22, 2013 to Sept. 22, 2013
Join us at Bayswater Waves to try out different strobes, focus lights, DSLR, wet diopters and more for FREE! We'll be in the water with you to show you how to use them and then let you photograph props so you can experience the gear first-hand. From 10am for a couple of hours. Organised by WAUPS & Perth Scuba.
Perth - The USS Atlanta Project presented by Liam Allen
From Sept. 25, 2013 to Sept. 25, 2013
Liam Allen spent his youth diving in the fresh water lakes and rugged west coast of Ireland. Moving to Sydney in 1997 he made a full time career in the diving industry. With more the 3000 dives to his credit, Liam has extensive experience in a wide variety of deep wreck diving locations across the world from the Norwegian Fjord's to the Pacific Islands. As a cave diver Liam has also experienced the diverse cave systems throughout Australia, China, Mexico and Florida. In December 2009 he was part of the GUE China Cave Exploration Project to the South Central China. This project saw some of the first ever cave dives conducted in China in which a number of caves were explored and mapped producing 3D models of the cave system. In 2011 Liam organized a deep wreck project to dive the USS Atlanta in the Solomon Islands. The objective of the project was to explore and document Atlanta, resting in 130m. In 2012 and 2013 Liam was a member of exploration team responsible for the ongoing documentation of the famous Swedish Battleship, Mars The Magnificent. He co-authored 'Beginning With The End In Mind' a GUE publication on the safe diving practices promoted within the GUE recreational curriculum and has numerous articles and publications to his name. As a GUE Instructor Evaluator and currently one of Australia's most active technical diving Instructors and in recognition for his work in technical diving he received the prestigious OZTeK Technical Diver of the Year Award 2013. Liam teaches throughout Australia and internationally for Global Underwater Explorers (GUE), a non-profit research, exploration and education organization teaching technical diver training programs, which range from entry level through to advanced exploration setting new standards of proficiency.


Dive Komodo in search of Critters & Nudies
From Sept. 7, 2013 to Sept. 29, 2013
Are you passionate with Biodiversity? Do you love critter spotting? There is nothing better to dive this summer than this: Diving 4 images has run now for several years critter & nudibranch trips. For 2013 and in partnership with SMY Ondina liveaboard, there are two more very unique and exciting trips to offer. Both will venture into the hottest sites around northern Sumbawa and Komodo National Park which has proven to be one of Indonesia’s best hunting grounds for nudibranchs and critters. On their recent trip to this area, Graham, his team and his guests recorded a grand total of 437 different species in 11 days and 41 dives. To help you deciding here you have a superb last minute offer: Join now any of the two September departures, 7th/17th (2.640eu/pax) or 19th/29th (2.684eu/pax) and you will get 125 euros Off + Nitrox Free + 1 night in Bali + Domestic flights to from Denpasar to the embarking ports + extra luggage allowance up to 30Kg...Wow! What else! If you are as passionate as Graham about nudibranchs and you want to join this adventure, book now by contacting or
Shannon Conway Lembeh Strait Workshop
From Sept. 7, 2013 to Sept. 14, 2013
With Shannon Conway's experience at your shoulder, he will teach you the secrets to creating beautiful Underwater Photography. Shannon believes there's no substitute for having your own workshop right on your doorstep so that you have the time to practice what you have learnt with the opportunity to go back again to work towards achieving that perfect image. Shannon will be available to critique your work and suggest ideas for improving your images. He will present optional talks and workshops relating to the Art of Underwater Photography, sharing his approach and experiences with you.